Landlords And Tenants Please Take Note


The new Energy Regulations (See post “Landlords/ Letting Agents beware of the MEES-ills” 25 March 2018) have been in effect for over a month creating ripples through the energy industry. Landlords are now reacting, looking for energy improvements where their property does not comply.

The Government policy makers have assumed that most Landlords don’t have an infinite pot of gold. By including a clause, they have placed a cap of £2500 on the initial payment for the improvement/s. A property could potentially claim exemption through the regulations.

One example is a property PMMServ. claimed exemption under regulation 25. A 1910, 1 bed room semi-detached house of solid brick main construction and a 1980’s cavity wall (uninsulated) extension with electric storage heaters. After running different feasible scenarios (insulation, lighting, heating and hot water) the most single viable option to meet compliance would be the installation of a mains gas boiler. There was no funding available locally or nationally for gas boilers.

The outcome meant the cost of the improvement without funding would exceed £2500 and therefore a five-year exemption was the route the Landlord instructed us to take.

This is a tempting option for many Landlords, but we haven’t finished our support. The property is void and the exemption allows the property to be let. However this does not satisfy us or the tenant.

The next stage for the property, once tenanted, is the installation of an ‘A+’ grade gas boiler and radiators at NO COST to the landlord! Allowing tenants to benefit from a warm comfortable home.

But we’ll cover this in a later post.

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