Cavity wall insulation - Gone bad


No Win, No Fee

Millions of UK homes were incorrectly fitted with cavity wall insulation(CWI). Causing damp, mould and condensation, damaging furniture, fixtures, belongings and harbouring ill health. The financial costs can continue with structural defects causing the devaluation of a property and potentially being refused a mortgage. It can be devastating.

The effects of mould and damp can be linked to respiratory problems just knowing this can cause anxiety to many people whose properties are affected. Knowing that yourself or a loved one is at risk of harm whilst at home is unnerving! So, what’s being done?

We work with Solicitors and Loss Adjusters to claim compensation to remove the insulation, repair brickwork or rendering, re-plastering, redecorate and replace furniture. If you or a family member have suffered ill health since the signs of damp were detected, you could also take a personal injury compensation claim to cover any loss of earnings.

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Cavity wall insulation is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your heating costs, if installed correctly!

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