Solid/External Wall Insulation

Solid/external Wall Insulation

solid/external wall insulation

External (or solid) wall insulation will enhance the look, value and energy performance of a property, by improving the overall appearance with a choice of finishes and colour tones for a fresh, modern facade.

External wall insulation (EWI) is often used to insulate properties that are not suitable for cavity wall insulation and yet require insulating to maintain a comfortable temperature within the home throughout the year.

EWI brings further benefits from improved weatherproofing, draught-proofing and sound resistance to reducing condensation on internal walls helping to prevent damp and also lowers the household’s carbon emissions. It’s also a great addition if a property needs re-rendering as the extra material costs will be nominal.

solid/external wall insulation

There various EWI systems available with varying processes of installation. Below is an overview of a typical process.

  • •Installers will prepare and treat the walls with an anti-bacterial wash.
  • •They will then apply insulation panels made up of a layer of insulating material bonded to weatherproof facing board and a layer of render.
  • •A mesh is fitted and the final layer of render applied.
  • •Pipes, cables and other peripherals are re-fitted to the property.

We instruct installers approved by the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) to ensure quality, your peace of mind and an independent 25-year guarantee.

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